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So you tried art journaling and you love it! You want to keep playing on your own in between classes, but you don't have the supplies. Where to start? I got you:

You can order your very own Art Supply Kit and Art Box HERE.

-OR --


Here's your basic list: 

     (Note: I don't get commissions, I'm just sharing what I like and use.)

Table cloth -- ALWAYS put something on the table first! You don't plan on making a mess --I didn't plan on cutting through my friend's -new- antique table! Accidents happen. Get something with a felt back, like THIS. If you don't want to buy new, simply use lots & lots & lots of newspaper.


GESSO -- My motto is "ABG!" -- Always Be Gesso-ing. I start every page with gesso. It acts like primer; it gives the paper tooth, texture, and holds paint better than just paper alone. It dries white. (You can also find black and colored gesso.)

Liquitex, Utrecht, Golden, Blick -- any brand will do (at Blicks Art Supply). I use Nova, but even Walmart has decent gesso.

matte medium.JPG

Matte Medium/ Gel -- This is your glue and your sealer. It dries clear. Apply with fingers or a brush. Liquitex, Utrecht, and Golden (at Blick) -- are are good; I use Nova.

PAINT -- the fun stuff! I use acrylic. The craft paints you get at Michael's or Joanne's will do just fine. But if you can, go to Blick's Art Supply. They have lots of options:

There a lots to choose from in these small tubes of paint for about $2.60/each. Great quality!

These medium-sized tubes have good colors too. Blick's has regular sales where you can pick them up for $4/bottle.

You can get Blick's bigger 16 oz. bottles for $9/each on sale, normally about $11.40. Not as many colors as the smaller tubes, but great value.

Princeton Select Artiste brushes.jpg

Brushes -- you can find decent brushes at hardware, craft, art, and dollar stores. My personal favorites (if you're willing to pay a little more for something that last a little longer) are the Princeton Select Artiste brushes.

Et Cetera 

  • Use empty pickle jars for water.

  • Repurpose Old credit or gift cards to spread paint.

  • Baby wipes and paper towels clean and texturize.

  • Water spray bottles dilute paint, and can be used to create drips and dapples.

  • Stencil Girl has great stencils (Be warned: stencils are addicting!)

  • Find washi tape on Etsy or at Michaels.

  • Create ephemera pages from magazines or the amazing, generous Kelly Kilmer sells packages regularly.

  • Uni-Posca paint pens are my faves!

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