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 Who am I?

Raised in a small, Iowa town by a farmer/banker and a teacher/artist, I was the (annoying) little sister for two (big) brothers.


I was an overachiever in high school, then nearly clunked out at Iowa State University.


I loaded up a used, old, yellow Corolla and moved to Pensacola, Florida where I found myself a beach-betty and waitress. There, I won a local modeling contest and moved back north to start my modeling career.


Some 30 (<cough>) years, 5 countries, 9087 apartments, 8 cats, 3 goldfish, 2 turtles, 1 massive Anatolian Shepherd, 1 feisty red lab, a PTA Presidency, and a whole lotta life later….

I’m "Mooooom" to a brave, sensitive, taller-than-me-17-year- old. 

I cherish my brilliant, gorgeous friends. 

I deeply love my fur-babies. 

I honor My Lords and Masters. 

I duke it out daily in meditation.

I act (in my dreams).

I model(ed). 

I study (constantly). 

Now I am a teacher + artist + entrepreneur of The Hive, South Pasadena, empowering kids and adults to express themselves wholeheartedly, while we build community and wellness.


Come get your ya-ya's out!

Emily Cline Art Journaling Page
Emily Cline
"It seems that we are meant to inhabit and live everything that comes toward us."
John O'Donohue
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