Art Journaling Classes for Teens & Tweens

Taught by Emily Cline, these classes are where kids make new friends, share roses and thorns with their peers, and build a journal with their {constantly evolving} selves! These are not product based classes, but rather process: no perfection here.

One of the most valuable things about these classes is re-socialization, vital after a year +1/2 of quarantine. We all need to vent, laugh, and get our wiggles out. These kids it together all day at school -- this is where they can let go! And, most importantly, it's electronic-free!  RE: Covid precautions -- we are outdoors, well ventilated, sanitized, masked, and I am vaccinated.

  • $100/a month for4 classes, paid monthly

  • All art supplies and light snack included

  • Bring a friend who signs up for a month and get a free class!

  • Venmo, PayPal, cash accepted.

Students discover:

  • Quick-n-easy credit card painting technique

  • Ways to express themselves with funky, unique writing

  • Stenciling and stamping skills

  • Ephemera from magazines, vintage books, cards, napkins

  • A fun, supportive community of creative friends!

Teen & Tween class, fall 2021

Art Class for Youngsters

Right now, the Youngsters are on HOLD. Stay safe!!

Art Class for Youngsters is for children 7-9 years old. It's $50/month; art supplies, light snack, and giggles included.

These classes are loose and free! We play with art supplies, and create simple, fun projects, (as shown with the envelope houses below). I'm a mom too, and I am painfully aware of all the toll the past year of restrictions has taken on our kids.

Children need a safe place where they can explore their creative instincts, and not worry about making something perfect or if they did it "right". Our kids have to focus and behave all day. This is where they let go! And the best part is: no electronics allowed! 

  • $50/a month for 2 classes, paid monthly

  • All art supplies and snack included

  • Bring a friend who signs up for a month and get a free class!

  • We accept cash, Venmo, PayPal.

The class has space for new students! Email EMILY for your child's spot.

Sign up for classes HERE!