Art Kits

These art kits are for those who love to create, but just don't have the basics -- all in one kit!

Loaded with goodies, $50 (+ shipping) gets:

  • 3 oz. gel

  • 3 oz. gesso

  • 7 paint colors (3 primary, black, 3 secondary)

  • glue stick

  • 3 paint brushes, (1 chip, 2 fine)

  • alphabet stamp set

  • stamp ink pad

  • sewing kit (thread, threader, needles, paper tape measure)

  • credit card (invalid, no money down)

  • palette

  • 2 paint pens

  • mini 'sidekick' journal

  • straw and foam sheet (for mark making and blowing)

Contact ME and order yours now!

art box close up

If you don't have a lot of space to keep things out and ready -- or if you simply like really cute things -- these handmade wooden boxes are perfect for storing it all.

Sold separately from the supply lit for $40 /per box (+ shipping), they come preassembled and can hold all of the supplies listed above, with a convenient handle on top, plus Home Depot rulers on the sides.

Contact ME and order yours now!

Aren't they so cute? They make great gifts too! 

wooden art box