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I need a baby Bjorn. #kittensofinstagram

Do You Know ... ?

  1. I was the Iowa State Fair Queen in 1986 and met all sorts of wonderful people -- even some famous ones, like John Denver (homesick and very tall), Julio Iglesias (stole kisses), Gloria Estefan (had the largest diamonds).

  2. My family's dogs were all named after beer: Annie (Anheiser Busch), Mickie (Michelob), and Stella (Stella Artois).

  3. Deer are My Masters communicating with me. 

  4. I used to have such debilitating homesickness, I could not spend the night away from my parents until I went to college. 

  5. I have this intense music-pitch-thing: when someone sings off-key, it feels like nailsonachalkboardwhilechewingtinfoil.

  6. I am a 12th-generation Daughter of The Revolution, on my father's side. We're The Underwoods. We fancy.

  7. When I first started modeling in 1989, I had never been in a taxi, bus, or subway.

  8. One New Year's Eve, many moons ago, I wore a cow suit on The Conan O'Brien Show and James Woods kissed me. In the cow suit.

Info for orders

Returns and exchanges

Upon request. If you're unhappy with your piece or it is damaged in transit, please let me know. I'll do what I can to make it right.


US orders ship USPS First Class, and usually arrive within 5 business days. Tracking info will be sent to you. Priority and/or Express upon request, for additional fee.

Custom sizes

You can get any size print on watercolor-like giclee paper or canvas upon request (for additional cost), and it should ship within 3-5 days. (Since these are custom made, sometimes they take a little longer.)

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