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Doorstep Diaries

Dear Diary~ I love South Pas. I love the way things appear on my doorstep as if magic little fairies gift me whenever I'm not looking. They think of the best things: delicious homemade toffee, free (!) wine, locally made soaps, succulent plants, dainty flowers, even fancy liquor drinks!

See. Right there.

That's the actual doorstep where it all happens. Sometimes they switch it up and hang things from the doorknob (shown here, magic from 2 days ago), other times, they even set things behind a little bush on the side. But I'm convinced: it's magic. It's South Pas.

This was yesterday. It was delicious. It came from #theworldsbestneighbors

And this happened today. I paid it forward. Left these on a friend's doorstep. Magic.


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