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Art in the Park!

A day in the park with a few 10 year olds. Who knew it could make hearts so happy, so light!

I set out the supplies, they came — with their open hearts and a willing, eagerness that knocked my socks off. Heart-and-book-smart young souls. Exploring, trusting their instincts, embracing it all! They found their own great ideas:

Gesso first, then paint? Got it! But what happens when you smush the pages together?!

This student totally got the craft of *journaling* in art. She snuck in secret wishes, writing over and over the words so they’ll be forever hidden, known only to her.

Then she DIY — and made her own envelope for secret stashing.

Or you could try this: make your own envelope design with washi tape on the side. No patterns necessary.

Love washi tape? Make a whole washi mosh-pit!

The whole afternoon was one “Bon Jour”!

*Special thanks to Lisa Henderson for coordinating this fun little event, and to the moms who trusted their courageous creative young souls into my care.


Our afternoon of Art in the Park was only the beginning! Weekly art classes start in August, in my South Pasadena home!

Art Journaling Classes for ‘Tweens!

$100/month = after-school pick-up + snacks + art supplies for a 1 1/2-hour class!

Students will start to create their own special Wayfinding Journal, for as they go... along their way. Plus, they’ll take home:

  • At least one new and unique art technique each class!

  • Creative writing — enmeshed into the pages!

  • Their own personal self-expression!

  • Safe space for memories, wishes, and secrets!

  • One-of-a-kind album for ticket stubs, greeting and post cards!

  • Use of magazine pictures, doodles, photographs, stickers!

  • A community of kindred spirits and new friends!

Email me to sign up! Space is limited!

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